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    • Data Usage  
    • Each competition has a Rules page, which may or may not specify explicit rules about data usage.

      If the competition rules prohibit use outside of the competition, then you may not use the data outside the competition.

      If the rules do not specify usage restrictions, we ask that you use your best judgement in determining fair use. For example, it may be okay for you to use the data for teaching a class, demoing a method in a blog post, or other non-commercial purposes. Some of our competitions identify themselves as open-source and are meant to foster research, collaboration, and continued analysis by the data science community. 

      Kaggle is neutral platform in hosting competitions for their Sponsors. Protections under copyright law can vary based on the nature of data, contractual obligations, and your jurisdiction. As a result, we are not able to approve individual uses of data on a case-by-case basis. Copyright or usage questions should be directed to your legal counsel. You may post usage enquiries in the respective competition's forum, but we can not guarantee an official response from the Sponsor.

    • Login Troubles  
    • Kaggle supports three forms of social login credentials [Google, Yahoo, Facebook], as well as an independent Kaggle username & password. Very often, your login trouble is caused if you registered with a social account but then attempt to login or reset your password using an username/email address. For example, if you receive this message:

      "No active username/password exists for that user."

      it means you need to login by clicking the "g+" icon (or the f or y! icon). Click that icon and completely IGNORE the other input box for a Email/username.

      Once you are logged in, you may link or unlink your social credentials by going to your user Profile page. Please try this above. If you are still unable to resolve a login issue, please use the box below to give us whatever information you can remember about your account.

    • Sponsorship  
    • Kaggle is still a growing startup with a narrow focus. Despite the unquestionable awesomeness of the event you are putting together, we are currently not in a position to sponsor events.

    • Other  
    • Stop! Are you asking a question that is answered via a different option above? Check now, we'll wait!

      Competition-specific questions should be posted in the forums or asked via the "I have a question about a specific competition" option above. We are not able to provide support to troubleshoot your submissions, to explain errors, to determine whether your software meets license requirements, or reply to questions whose answers are in the competition documentation.

    • Merging Accounts  
    • Unfortunately, we do not allow account mergers. Sorry to be so mean. To make up for it, the answer to row 37 of a certain competition is 78.34.

    • Competition Question  
    • We receive many questions about specific competitions, their mechanics, data usage, and entry details. If your question pertains to everyone, you should post it in the competition's forum. We are not able to provide support to troubleshoot your submissions, to explain errors, to determine whether your software meets license requirements, or reply to questions whose answers are in the competition documentation.

    • Bug Report  
    • Bug? More like feature, am I right!? Please give as many details as you can when describing the bug. More information helps us reproduce and fix the offending issue.

    • Media Contact  
    • Welcome! Please fill out the form below and we will respond as soon as possible.

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    • I want to close my account  
    • Maybe an inspirational Carl Sagan video will convince you to stay-- to contribute, to write your small verse in the scholarly symphony of humanity? No? Okay, click here

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Logo use guidelines

  • Don't try to replicate the Kaggle logo in your own way (in a similar typeface and colour, etc) or otherwise alter the logo.
  • Always use the above resources to represent the logo as opposed to an image of the logo sourced elsewhere.
  • Keep a minimum clearance of space between the logo and other visual elements akin to the images above.
  • Please check with us before replicating the logo on any public materials you generate.